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About me


Hello, how nice of you to visit my website. My name is Inge Visser and I am a qualified Beautician and Make-up artist. 

My experiences of the past years gave me the motivation to follow my passion for Skin Improvement and Make-up, in the form of starting my own salon. I have owned a beauty salon before, but unfortunately I had to close it due to moving. I also obtained my Anbos diplomas in the past. Although this was a long time ago and a refresh was needed. For this I again, with great pleasure, obtained my All-round Beautician diploma at the Jolange training in Rotterdam and obtained my basic and advanced Make-up artist diploma at the Wellness academy in Utrecht. I have therefore set up a separate Make-up room, in order to be able to give optimal advice to customers for Make-up Artists. 

Before I got my diplomas again, I worked at the Bijenkorf as a stand advisor and make-up artist in the perfumery department. During this period I also participated in the workshops associated with the brands I worked for at the time. 
Personal contact and attention are paramount in my salon. And for me the goal is that the customer leaves the house with a good feeling. 

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