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Inspiration: absolutely


Inspira: Absolue restores the skin's natural beauty and effectively prevents SKIN BURNOUT. Dry skin, sensitive skin, impure skin, sallow skin, premature aging and wrinkle formation.

In our daily lives we are confronted with different influences. Our ever faster world leaves traces in our environment. This can damage both our physical and mental health.
The air is polluted by exhaust fumes, chemicals, vapours, smoke and soot. The UV rays pollute the environment and the radiation from electrical appliances, which are often active for 24 hours, damage our health and also our largest organ: THE SKIN! Unhealthy diet, stress and insomnia, psychological stress, smoking and alcohol influence the recovery phase and regeneration of the body and weaken the skin.

The skin can react violently to this.
Recently, scientists have defined this skin reaction as a “SKIN BURNOUT”.
The symptoms are sensitivities such as:


• Redness, itching, swelling
• Dryness, flaking
• Impurities

• Premature aging, wrinkles 

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