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Inspira: med behandeling

Inspira cosmetics

Industry-leading, ultra-modern skincare 

Inspira Cosmetics was founded in 2000 with the ambition to realize state-of-the-art skin care for you. That is why we work together with the best laboratories worldwide to be able to always use the latest developments.
One time from Europe, the other time from America or Asia. The Award Winning products from Inspira Cosmetics are approved and produced in Aachen in Germany and can call themselves German Beauty Engineering.
Packaging is manufactured as environmentally friendly as possible and where possible the product is packed airtight. 

The Inspira Med treatments are based on fruit acids. After the analysis of whether the skin is sensitive or not, choose the intensity of the fruit acids.
In that choice, if the skin is sensitive, the first objective is to reduce the sensitivity of the skin. During the treatment, a very light peeling is then used in combination with products that reduce the sensitivity of the skin.
Sensitivity reduction is therefore the first objective of the products used at home. Over time, the skin becomes less and less sensitive and the intensity of the fruit acid peels is increased. From that moment on, our holistic method focuses entirely on skin improvement and maintaining the results achieved. For this, Inspira Cosmetics also has Medical Grade peels with a pH of 2.03. 

You offer your clients a gentle alternative to plastic surgery with a holistic method that is designed to make your client's skin look better, healthier and more radiant. For your client, working with Inspira Cosmetics means the perfect combination of in-salon treatments and products for the home. The results you achieve with the treatments are intensified and prolonged by the products your client uses at home. Never before have treatments and products for the home been such a result-oriented unit. This makes Inspira Med ideal as the gentle alternative to plastic surgery.

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